Why Modern Enterprises Need SD-WAN

Enterprises are undergoing a transformative shift in their applications, embracing multicloud and SaaS solutions while enabling remote access. However, this journey often involves legacy networks designed for a bygone era, causing security vulnerabilities, resource strains, and frustrating user experiences. As organizations transition to distributed application models, a new software-defined approach is essential. Beyond its traditional role, SD-WAN technology is evolving to address challenges like cloud migration and SaaS adoption. VMware’s SD-WAN solution not only connects users and branches securely but also empowers remote work, facilitates edge applications, utilizes AIOps for issue resolution, and prioritizes choice and interoperability for a seamless transition to SASE. Learn why 18,000 customers in 180 countries, across 580,000+ sites trust VMware SD-WAN and SASE to move their businesses forward.