Webinar: How to Turn Networking Into a Powerful Platform to Innovate Your Business

Join this exclusive webinar to learn what’s changing in the market and how you can get ahead of the curve! Get insights on how to start your transition to a cloud strategy and learn more about the biggest outcomes of the cloud operating model. In this session, you’ll hear from Fabio Gori, VP Transformation Center, who has many years of experience in the latest trends and strategies for cloud operations.

Speakers will highlight:

  •  How a cloud operating model can revolutionize your IT game
  •  Providing the tools and capabilities you need to turn your network platform into a true business value multiplier
  •  Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve collaboration and communication across your whole organization

We hope that you enjoy this on-demand webinar!

Fabio Gori | VP, Transformation Center, Cisco
Steven Heinsius | Director of Software Sales & Buying Programs EMEA
Jason Grant | Leader, Cisco Access Networking