Webinar: Applying the Cloud Operating Model Across the Entire Digital Infrastructure

The cloud operating model has achieved much success in managing both computing resources and business workloads. As organizations seek to operate their digital infrastructure more efficiently and effectively as a unified foundation for the end-to-end experience, the cloud operating model is being increasingly applied across the digital infrastructure – from network to compute, from private to public, and from applications to data.

In this webinar, guest speakers Mark Leary from IDC, Brandon Butler from IDC, and Daryl Coon from Cisco will discuss how IT organizations are taking advantage of cloud operating principles and practices when managing their end-to-end digital infrastructure.

Speakers will highlight:

  • Specific benefits of the cloud operating model
  • Best practices that have proven successful for IT organizations
  • Key evaluation criteria that should be applied to both management solutions and suppliers
  • Technical advancements that will drive an even more resilient and responsive digital infrastructure into the future

Daryl Coon | Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
Mark Leary | Research Director, Network Analytics & Automation, IDC
Brandon Butler | Research Manager, Enterprise Networks, IDC