Using Smart Tools to Accelerate Modernization

The benefits of modernizing legacy enterprise application portfolios are clear: cost savings, operational efficiencies, and accelerating time to market to mention a few. Most enterprises are already on a modernization journey but are they moving fast enough? There are many challenges to accelerating modernization both at the infrastructure and application levels, such as, getting accurate inventories of running applications, identifying application dependencies, and identifying suitable candidates.

There’s no single panacea that addresses all these questions; however, there are innovative tools that can reduce the analysis burden and offer valuable insights!

Join experienced solution architects Rahul Jain and Brian Friedman to get an overview of some of the tools they use as part of VMware’s Rapid Portfolio Modernization program. Learn how tools such as Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu and Cloud Suitability Analyzer can help accelerate the discovery, assessment, and analysis of an enterprise portfolio, enabling faster, more impactful modernization.