Unlock Spring Boot 3 For Your App Portfolio

In November of 2022, the Spring Framework underwent a significant upgrade with the release of Spring Boot 3.x. And in just a few short months, its predecessor (2.7) will come to the end of its open-source support. While this generational leap provides the Spring development community with a multitude of reasons to get excited, we’ve also heard from applications leaders that making this upgrade across their Spring portfolios needs more time.

It’s time to make the generational leap, but how do you as an app owner realize the potential offered by Spring Boot 3.x, while keeping security and compliance from knocking on your door and without disruption to your roadmap?

With the ecosystem that Spring lives within (Java, Boot, Hibernate etc.) changing faster than ever, join us to learn how your team can unlock the transformative power of Spring now and forever into the future of Spring.

Join us to learn:

  • The Excitement and Urgency to Upgrade to Spring Boot 3.x: Understand why developers worldwide are excited about this very important release and get a sneak peek into what’s next.
  • Cost Savings and Performance Benefits: Explore how Spring Boot 3.x can deliver tangible cost savings, supercharge your application performance and provide the competitive edge
  • Starting Your Upgrade Today: Get practical guidance to kick start your migration to Spring Boot 3.x and remain fully supported
  • Foster a Culture of Continuous Upgrades: Learn strategies to create and instill a culture of continuous improvement with your development team, ensuring you stay at the forefront of Spring technology

The Spring ecosystem, including Java, Boot, Hibernate, and more is evolving faster than ever before. Don’t be left behind. Join us in this webinar to future-proof your applications and unlock the transformative power of Spring seamlessly. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey towards innovation, efficiency, and excellence.