Transforming Service Delivery in the Public Sector

It’s been a year and a half since the White House released its executive order on Transforming Customer Service and Service Delivery. Since then, we’ve witnessed an incredible effort to improve how the government delivers services to citizens — including funded pilots for improved service delivery, dashboards reporting on delivery and customer service, and new role creation and recruiting energy. 

But is this great work in the public sector enough to meet Americans’ growing expectations? Today, Americans demand a better experience – one closer to the countless enterprise applications they encounter daily. Public sector organizations must be ready to tackle additional technical challenges and adopt new practices including:

  • Modernizing legacy back-end systems alongside new CX experiences
  • The enablement of government employees and hiring strategies
  • Scaling beyond a first CX win into a thriving, enduring culture change
  • Building a secure, repeatable path to production to enable continuous delivery.
  • The enablement of government employees and hiring strategies

Organizations that grow these new practices across their teams will reduce inefficient manual processes, eliminate unnecessary workloads, and ultimately, provide better service delivery. In this webinar, we’ll explore the strategies and tactics your organization can employ to begin building the next generation of public service software.