Top 5 Ways Abnormal Secures Your Email Environment Webinar

Across the millions of mailboxes monitored by Abnormal, we have yet to see a company that has not been targeted by an attack. Our research shows that employees are becoming the fastest-growing target of advanced attacks. Employees typically open 28% of BEC attacks and also fail to report 98% of all known attacks. While this is evidence of a continuing rise in business email compromise, today’s threat landscape has forced most organizations to take a hard look at their security strategy.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll dive into the Abnormal platform and highlight the top five helpful tips that our customers have adopted to successfully mitigate these modern-day attacks.

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  • Preventing account takeover: See how Abnormal can detect potentially compromised accounts and prevent them from being used to launch additional attacks.
  • Automating user-reported emails: Are your security teams bombarded with managing “non-critical” emails? Save time (and headaches) by automating the user-reported email process.
  • Improving employee productivity: Abnormal has an adaptive approach to managing spam or graymail and increasing efficiency while also improving employee productivity (executives included!).
  • Curbing supply chain attacks: Too many vendors with too little coverage? There’s a better way to recognize an attack from a compromised vendor account.
  • Stopping ransomware, everywhere: Discover how launching Abnormal’s behavioral AI baselines good behavior and detects anomalies to reduce ransomware.

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