The Ultimate Supply Chain Mobility Buyer’s Guide

Considering Enterprise Mobility?

Finding the right enterprise mobility solution for your supply chain activities can be daunting. What criteria do you look for? What capabilities are important? What functionality will you need to continue evolving your solution to meet future challenges? How can one solution be tailored for complex processes in warehousing, manufacturing, plant maintenance and enterprise asset management?

Look no further.

Download the ultimate buyer’s guide to learn how to find the enterprise mobility solution that best fits your supply chain needs. This guide can help buyers identify when mobility is needed, what questions to ask potential vendors, and what capabilities to consider when evaluating different solutions.

 This guide covers the key areas that factor into evaluating mobility solutions:

  • Indicators you need enterprise mobility
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile hardware
  • Data collection considerations (throughput, barcoding, RFID, etc.)
  • Integration with other ERPs and business systems (MES, WMS, etc.)
  • Extensibility of solution
  • Professional and managed services
  • Vendor qualifications (experience/expertise)

Mobility is a powerful, transformative technology for supply chain operations. However, it is not a single dimension solution. Introducing a barcoding system is vital to inventory handling, but mobility can take barcoding and device data collection to new levels of efficiency and harmony in your digital ecosystem.

 The Ultimate Supply Chain Mobility Buyer’s Guide was created based on a foundation of deep experience and knowledge accumulated over decades of integrations. RFgen experts understand the needs and challenges of businesses operating in the supply chain or engaged in supply chain activities, like managing inventory, assets and spare parts. Since 1983, RFgen has helped thousands of organizations digitize, automate and mobilize their inventory processes.

Download your free copy of the buyer’s guide right now to learn how to find the right supply chain mobility solution to evolve your digital business practices to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.