The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)

Cloud security must be built into the assets you’re working to secure.  An effective cloud native solution must run across accounts, clouds, and ephemeral workloads to provide dynamic, end-to-end visibility with automated remediation for misconfigurations. Today’s modern, microservice-powered cloud applications have created a new set of application security challenges including how to:

  • Effectively secure fragmented APIs, microservices (containers & serverless functions), and apps at scale
  • Deal with vulnerabilities in third-party open-source components
  • Overcome the view that application security processes interfere with agile CI/CD pipelines

This buyers’ guide explains the top considerations when evaluating a cloud native security solution, and explains how CloudGuard provides security from pre-build (“Shift Left”) through the CI/CD pipeline, during build, registry and through runtime.