Escaping the Legacy Trap: How to modernize the applications that are holding you back

Sadly, older applications and services too often slow down and stop business innovation. Yet, 76% of executives said they are too invested in legacy applications to change. They’re caught in the legacy trap! Organizations simply can’t figure out how to prioritize this invisible work over adding new features and apps. But today, there’s no room to avoid modernizing core systems if your business wants to keep up. No more new features can be added to software and no more progress can be made on transformation journeys until this fear is faced.

In this webinar we’ll introduce the business-driven methodology that many organizations have used to escape the legacy trap covered in our upcoming ebook The Legacy Trap – How to modernize applications that are holding you back, and why you need to start right now.

Based on actual customer stories and years of experience from our team you’ll learn:

  • What does modernization really mean? 
  • How business outcomes drive successful modernization 
  • How to build and execute on a transformation strategy 
  • Some common missteps

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