VMware’s Tanzu Data Services emphasizes data modernization in cloud and application transformation

At VMware, we talk a lot about application transformation.  But data —specifically the data architecture— is the long last mile of application modernization.  Data can be enmeshed with a host of applications in a way that complicates change.  Modern apps leverage capabilities like decoupled services, independent scaling of data reads and writes, and event-driven architectures. So truly realizing the benefits of transformation requires a fresh look at your data architecture.

The new 451 Research report, “VMware’s Tanzu Data Services emphasizes data modernization in cloud and application transformation,”  explains how our portfolio of data software supports modern application, cloud and DevOps transformation initiatives. In the words of 451, “Tanzu Data Services is an increasingly logical choice for enterprises embarking on new initiatives or looking to refine their approaches to modernizing data and application stacks.”  

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