Bring your data to life with AI. Say hello to Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse.

Tableau AI is the next generation of Tableau. It is a suite of capabilities that bring trusted generative AI to the entire Tableau Platform to simplify and democratize data analysis and insight consumption at scale. This next generation of Tableau empowers every analytics consumer with smart, personalized, and contextual insights in their flow of work. Accelerate time to insights and reduce repetitive tasks for the data analyst with smart suggestions and in-product guidance. And without compromising data security and privacy, it allows administrators to enable trusted, ethical, and open GPT-powered experiences that fit the business needs.

Powered by Tableau AI, Tableau Pulse is a reimagined data experience for business users that will empower every employee with smart, personalized, and contextual insights delivered directly in their flow of work.Thanks to the generative AI capabilities of Tableau AI, Tableau Pulse surfaces automated analytics in plain language, proactively anticipates questions the user might ask next and even suggests questions they might not have thought of otherwise.Tableau Pulse transforms how people engage with their data, helping everyone in an organization become data-driven.

Watch the demo to see how Tableau AI and Tableau Pulse come to life.