Strengthening Identity and Access Management (IAM) Against Fraud and Breaches

Harness advanced solutions for unmatched security

The 2023 ForgeRock Identity Breach report shows that third-party breaches rose 136% last year. 

Protect your organization from identity fraud and breaches with our comprehensive suite of solutions. Leveraging AI-driven threat prevention, passwordless authentication, identity governance, and more, we provide robust safeguards for all your critical IAM touchpoints.

AI-driven threat prevention

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats with sophisticated threat prevention tailored for both consumer and workforce use cases. Our advanced algorithms continuously analyze user behavior to identify and thwart potential security risks.

Full-range passwordless authentication

  • Eliminate the vulnerability of passwords. Our passwordless authentication solutions cover all identity use cases — even for legacy systems — providing a higher level of security and user convenience.

Identity governance for a hybrid workforce

  • Secure identity governance is more important than ever, and our platform ensures that identities are managed effectively, reducing risks associated with a hybrid and remote workforce.

Diagnosis of identity blind spots

  • Gain visibility across all workforce, partner, and B2B2X touchpoints. Our diagnostics identify blind spots, helping you proactively address potential vulnerabilities and security gaps.

FAPI-grade API security

  • Our solutions protect your APIs from unauthorized access and data breaches, safeguarding critical information.

Discover the power of comprehensive identity and access management to fortify your organization against fraud and breaches. Review our Passwordless whitepaper today.