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Are your sustainability books balanced?

Why sustainability success depends on finance-like diligence

It’s estimated that between 30% and 40% of companies’ carbon emissions data is not accurate. As sustainability becomes a business imperative, real carbon accounting is now essential.

In this report, commissioned by SAP, discover why sustainability success demands a data-driven approach. You’ll see how leaders are turning the challenge into a business opportunity – and how much further there is to go. And you’ll also learn:

  • Where real-time analytics can be applied to your sustainability strategy
  • How extensibility can help you take a unique approach to a universal challenge
  • Why broad integration is an essential part of any sustainability strategy

You can also learn more about our green ledger initiative – solutions for bringing carbon and financial accounting together – in this video.

This report and video are part of Sustainability Pays – a collection of resources exploring the immediate and long-term benefits of sustainability for financial services providers.

Download it to start making more of your sustainability strategy with SAP.