Published App Environments: Why We Need a Fresh Approach

Traditional approaches to published VDI app deployments create management complexity and overhead for the IT teams that rely on them. Tasks such as updates, patches, and management of apps, operating systems (OS) and images can easily become overwhelming. These solutions also rely on machine-level user entitlements that limit app rollout flexibility and compromise user experience. What’s more, they require that infrastructure has the capacity to support peak workloads at all times, no matter the level of usage. As the demand for both legacy and cloud native apps grows exponentially, so do the costs associated with providing for peak performance. And modernizing legacy apps while adopting new ones only creates more challenges resulting from app incompatibility, dependencies and distributions. Now is the time for a fresh approach to published app deployments that reduces management time and infrastructure costs, which the new Apps on Demand feature from VMware App Volumes™ delivers.