Navigating the cloud with confidence: How to seize the opportunity and avoid common pitfalls

The legal industry is ripe with opportunities for innovators and there’s enormous pressure to go above and beyond client expectations. Firms must be poised to deliver. There’s no doubt that law firms recognize that cloud technology can help them sharpen their competitive edge.


This guide delves into four key questions that explore several important issues and areas of opportunity for cloud migration. Firms armed with this know-how will be well placed to make informed decisions; navigate a sensible, smooth, and secure transition confidently; and ensure they stay at the forefront of technological developments, both now and going forward.


How secure is the public cloud versus the private cloud?

What is the difference between a “lift and shift” approach and going “cloud native,” and why does it matter?

What’s wrong with building modern security on legacy technology?

Is the cloud secure enough for legal data specifically?