Meet Them Where They Are: Strategies for Effective Customer Acquisition and Expansion

It’s a common belief that success in marketing involves the right mix of shorter-term, results-focused campaigns and ongoing brand development efforts. But in the face of an economic downturn and rising costs of acquiring new customers, many financial institutions might instinctively look to trim marketing budgets as a cost-saving measure — even with research suggesting companies should continue (and in some cases, increase) marketing during a slowdown to capitalize on long-term ROI.1

Our latest guide outlines industry-specific strategies and best practices for effective acquisition and expansion, including how to:

  • Reach your highest-value audiences with personalized experiences based on data-driven consumer insights
  • Improve conversions by presenting the right offer to the right consumer at the right time
  • Overcome data obstacles and achieve organizational alignment
  • Focus marketing spend on the right marketing data and technology — getting you farther, faster

1 Why you shouldn’t cut back on marketing during a recession | VentureBeat