Leapfrog ZTNA to Zero Trust Access for All Apps

The new paradigm of hybrid work, accelerated cloud adoption, and the shift to direct internet access have revealed the limitations of legacy perimeter security models. Organizations need a new approach to provide high performant, secure remote access to their full portfolio of private applications. We will explain a modern SSE architecture that goes past ZTNA to enforce least privilege access while providing a frictionless experience and heightened productivity for users. Find out how a single SSE cloud console, single agent, and AI powered threat detection can streamline IT operations and deliver the ultimate level of protection in your distributed environment.

View our webinar on-demand anytime to learn how to:

  • Utilize modern protocols to improve performance and mitigate risk
  • Enable granular per user, per app, ‘micro tunnel’ access control
  • Overcome inability to reach all applications with legacy ZTNA methods
  • Obfuscate resources to prevent discovery and lateral movement
  • Combine a frictionless user experience with accelerated performance