How Humana Uses Data to Bring Patients Back to the Doctor.

From the hospital to the home, Humana uses Salesforce to help members prioritize their health.

Humana differentiated itself from competitors in a major way: It became an insurance company that people actually like to hear from.

Over its 60-year history, the major U.S. public health insurer has navigated many industry disruptions, from national health crises to the rise of telehealth. Today, Humana is well into the next chapter of its evolution into a health and wellness company that drives people toward the healthcare system, instead of away.

“The industry as a whole is laden with confusion and options,” said Chris Walker, Associate Vice President, Engagement Marketing. “And that’s the challenge — how do you build trusting relationships at scale?”

Building trusting relationships that encourage member engagement requires the technical infrastructure and strategic guidance to make it happen. That’s why the company chose Salesforce to unite teams, partners, and caregivers around a shared view of member data. With a single source of truth for member profiles, interactions have gone from simple claim processing to personalized support throughout each member’s wellness journey.

“Everybody has their own unique journey and healthcare needs,” said Walker. “And it’s so important to be able to treat individuals as individuals.”

Humana makes the path to wellness easier with tailored messaging, service, and care coordination that keeps these members at home — instead of the hospital. In fact, the company now delivers care three to four times faster and saves $6 million in information security costs in the process.

Let’s see how Walker and his team create exceptional care experiences with the power of empathy and connected data with Salesforce Customer 360.