How Accolade Expert MD serves as a conduit to better care, better value for Koch Global

With the healthcare landscape changing rapidly, companies now look for point solutions that seamlessly work within their current healthcare ecosystem. Koch came to Accolade Expert MD looking for a virtual expert medical opinion solution that would help them reduce costs and help members make more value-based decisions.

Read this case study to learn more about how Accolade Expert MD connects members to physician specialists for an expert medical opinion when they have questions about a chronic illness, upcoming surgery, or treatment plan and Accolade Expert MD’s proactive REACH program which identifies and connects with individuals likely to benefit from an expert medical opinion.

You will also learn how Accolade Expert MD helped Koch employees:

  • Have more confidence in whatever care direction they chose
  • Lowered the total number of surgeries
  • Those having surgery had them because they were medically necessary
  • Those having surgery were referred to the surgical center of excellence