Going Greener with Sustainable Solutions

Every travel decision is a moment to make the best decision – not only for your business, but for the planet. Sustainability, from fuel-efficient nonstop flights to electric ground transportation to virtual meetings, is on business travelers’ minds as they decide how to get from point A to point B. What are they considering?

Based on the data from the 2022 Global Business Traveler Report: ­ ­ 

  • 94% of business travelers are looking to take their own steps to ensure greener travel over the next 12 months. ­ ­
  • 94% say having sustainability info in their travel options is important. And it’s not a minor concern – 48% say information, such as visual indicators of the environmental impact, is very or extremely important.
  • 24% of business travelers would decline a business trip if it required using non-sustainable travel options.