Forrester The Total Economic Impact of GitLab’s Ultimate Plan

Forrester Consulting Study: GitLab enabled 427% ROI

The 2022 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact ™️ of GitLab’s Ultimate Plan study commissioned by GitLab seeks to understand the value of using Gitlab’s Ultimate Plan to meet software development needs across the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Prior to the investment in GitLab, the study interviewees noted that their organizations’ complex toolchains and complex processes created inefficient development environments that impeded their ability to effectively code and test software.

After the investment in GitLab, the interviewees indicated that GitLab’s ability to centralize information within a single, integrated application yielded significant efficiencies and enhanced outcomes in a variety of contexts.

In this study you’ll learn about benefits enabled by adopting GitLab:

  • Cost savings and business benefits
  • Quantified and unquantified benefits
  • Efficiencies gained in every aspect of the software delivery lifecycle

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