Find the Information You Need Faster: Bringing Dark Data to Light with IDP​

State and local governments possess an extensive volume of data, an essential element necessary to transform citizen services. However, many times this data can be inaccessible, or locked away in varying formats, systems, and silos. Commonly referred to as “dark data,” this unstructured data can pose a huge burden to agency personnel, when in reality, it could be their most strategic asset.

Government leaders can bring dark data to light – a crucial step in building a robust digital foundation. With this digital infrastructure, state and local agencies can explore generative AI, enhance total experience, and more.

This article explores how state and local government leaders can uncover dark data with the help of Iron Mountain InSight® IDP solution. This solution seamlessly and swiftly digitizes documents trapped in various locations. With one touch, data in documents becomes valuable information – to be searched, queried and used in applications that enable automated workflows.

As your organization continues on its digital transformation journey to establish its digital data foundation, learn how Iron Mountain InSight® IDP solution is the key to efficiently streamlining government services.