Etisalat underpins its digital transformation with SAHAB, a state-of-the-art telco cloud

See how the company is evolving into a digital service provider

Etisalat is a service provider that wants to take advantage of the pace of innovation set by the market in general, and open source communities in particular. In parallel with its telco cloud technology transformation, Etisalat is introducing a DevOps way of working to ensure that employees have appropriate skills and that the company adopts a digital organizational culture.

This paper from Analysys Mason describes Etisalat’s journey to build a telco cloud–a carrier-grade cloud infrastructure–that will support any virtualized network functions (VNFs) and any digital service that the operator cares to launch in the future. It contains information about:

  • Etisalat’s digital transformation vision.
  • Etisalat’s journey to the telco cloud.
  • Next steps, including preparation for 5G and edge computing.
  • Benefits and best practices for the telco cloud.

Learn how open source is critical to Etisalat’s ambitions to become a leading provider of digital services. Download the analyst paper.