ESG Global: The Evolution to ZTNA 2.0

Embrace a new, more complete approach to ZTNA.

Eliminate Security Gaps in Direct-to-App Connectivity

The transition to remote and hybrid work has had an ongoing and profound impact. It’s not only where we work but also how work gets done. Users and apps are everywhere. IT teams face massive security challenges due to direct-to-app connectivity. Unfortunately, first-generation ZTNA solutions (ZTNA 1.0) have shown they can’t effectively handle today’s threat landscape.

It’s time for a new, evolved approach: ZTNA 2.0. 

Read the latest ESG Global Research white paper, “The Evolution of ZTNA to Fully Support Zero Trust Strategies.” You’ll understand what ZTNA 2.0 is and how Prisma® Access delivers it, protecting organizations against the most sophisticated threats. 

Take a look at ESG Global Research’s perspective on ZTNA 2.0. You’ll learn:

  • Research-backed reasons why cybersecurity is more challenging today.
  • Where ZTNA 1.0 technologies fall short. 
  • The five maxims of ZTNA 2.0 that provide best-in-class security for protecting organizations today and tomorrow.