ESG: Economic Validation Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

One of the key reasons why Kubernetes is so powerful is that it can run on-premises, in public clouds, and at the edge. According to ESG Research, nearly 9 in 10 respondents surveyed indicated that their organization currently deploys production applications and server workloads on public cloud infrastructure. Yet most of those organizations are leveraging more than one public cloud service provider. So, how can you speed time to value and reduce risk at the same time?

In this report, ESG Research uncovers the benefits of VMware Tanzu to:

  • Simplify the installation of scalable Kubernetes environments.
  • Automate multicluster and multi-cloud operations.
  • Provide a familiar look and feel for vSphere operators through native integration with vSphere.
  • Establish a dedicated platform team and speed up productivity for Kubernetes platform operators.