Don't Compromise on Cloud Transformation

Do you ever find your organization hemmed in by compromise scenarios on its path towards cloud-first operations?

You’re not alone. While 85% of companies expect to be cloud-first by 2025, the process of getting there is never as simple as going all in with a single provider. How do you guarantee cybersecurity from day one when shifting critical on-premises workloads into the cloud? How do you balance the competing demands of cost and timeline? How do you simultaneously satisfy multiple departments with differing technological requirements?

When the roadblocks start piling up, the gap between potential benefits and business progress can start to feel wider and wider.

This infographic is your entry point to making the case for an alternative, compromise-free strategy. With an open hybrid cloud architecture, you can chart your own path through cloud and on-premises enablement, meeting business needs where they are and continuously upholding security demands.

It doesn’t matter if your key outcome is about cost, risk, scalability, speed, innovation, or all of the above. Kyndryl, VMware, and AWS are here to help make it happen – your way.