Disaster Double Trouble: A Unified Methodology for Addressing the Unique Challenges of Disaster Recovery (DR) and Ransomware Recovery

Business interruptions and losses from disasters and ransomware are skyrocketing. By 2031, it’s expected there will be a cyberattack on a business or a consumer every two seconds. A one-size-fits-all disaster and ransomware recovery strategy is not the best approach, especially in this everchanging market.

This guide serves as a starting point to help your organization define and align two separate strategies for the best outcome. You will read about:

  • The 7 steps for developing a double-trouble recovery plan
  • Rapid recovery techniques to ensure business continuity
  • The 4 benefits of managed disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)
  • A supercharged, cloud-powered, no-surprises recovery strategies