Denver Broncos Case study

The Denver Broncos, based in Denver, Colorado, faced a network security challenge during events as tens of thousands of individuals connected to their Wi-Fi, presenting opportunities for threat actors. Under Russ Trainor’s leadership, the team deployed Check Point solutions, including Quantum Firewalls, Quantum Maestro Hyperscale Network Security, Harmony Endpoint, and CloudGuard, to counter this challenge. This holistic approach secured their entire network attack surface, with Trainor stressing the importance of consolidating security measures for operational efficiency.

Quantum Maestro efficiently managed firewalls across different form factors, offering flexibility and ease of use. Harmony Endpoint and CloudGuard provided enhanced visibility into connected devices and cloud-based applications, optimizing the fan experience and operational efficiency during events. The integrated security solution streamlined operations, enabling the team to focus on critical aspects of stadium game day production. Overall, the implementation of Check Point solutions significantly bolstered network security for the Denver Broncos while facilitating a seamless fan experience.