How to Boost Productivity in Your Healthcare Provider Call Center

Ninety-six percent of patient complaints are related to customer service. People want more when it comes to their healthcare experiences. The good news is that technology can help healthcare organizations better meet these expectations.

When it comes to improving the overall customer experience, the call center is ground zero. A more productive call center is better able to deliver the kind of service today’s healthcare consumer expects. It not only increases customer satisfaction, it can positively impact an organization’s bottom line with improved employee satisfaction, greater operational efficiencies, and reduced costs.

Many healthcare call centers rely on fractured, antiquated legacy systems. This requires service agents to toggle between multiple screens (sometimes up to 10 different programs) and jump through many hoops just to find the answer to a question.

Salesforce is working with healthcare organizations to address this problem. Our Scale Patient Access and Services solution helps modernize call centers so that healthcare organizations can maximize resources and do more with less.