Data + AI in the real world

Discover emerging trends in adoption and strategy

We’re in the golden age of data and AI. The unparalleled pace of AI discoveries, model improvements and new products on the market puts data and AI strategy at the top of conversations across every organization around the world. The next generation of winning companies and executives will be those who understand and leverage AI.  

In our inaugural report, 2023 State of Data + AI, we examine trends in data and AI adoption across more than 9,000 global Databricks customers. The goal of this report is to help data leaders and executives understand the AI landscape and benchmark their own data investments and strategies. 

2023 State of Data + AI covers the broader data estate to answer questions such as:

  • How are organizations applying data science and ML in the real world?
  • Which data and AI products are currently the most popular and which are quickly rising to the top?
  • How are organizations executing their data warehousing, especially within this new age of AI?