CIO Essentials Guide: Modernizing Application in a multi-cloud world

With more than three-quarters of businesses already operating across multiple public clouds, it’s critical to run modern app portfolios that connect seamlessly across environments and feature the latest technologies and methodologies. By not modernizing app portfolios, businesses risk losing out on opportunities for service, innovation, and growth, and miss out on the benefits of improved developer experience, cost savings, and revenue growth. This report offers actionable insights and recommendations on how to standardize functions across clouds, improve developer experience, and manage clouds as one, without adding operational complexity.

The report highlights four key areas of success for businesses operating in a multi-cloud environment:

  1. Developer velocity
  2. Unified cloud management
  3. Cost optimization
  4. Risk management.

With the ever-evolving business landscape, it is crucial for organizations to take action now to remain competitive and successful.