Choisir le bon logiciel de collaboration

Les meilleurs outils peuvent contribuer à accroître l’agilité de votre équipe et à stimuler l’innovation. Ces huit questions aideront les responsables informatiques à trouver la solution idéale.

Le prochain grand pas en avant pour la collaboration en entreprise

Software has transformed every business discipline.

But the crucial discipline of collaboration – the ways we work together to get things done – is stuck in a rut.

After the initial strides made by email, conference calls and chat apps, progress in collaboration has plateaued. We’ve got lots more apps to help us, but our work is far more fragmented and high-friction than ever before. And it’s clogging up work across the business world.

It’s a big problem, but it’s an even bigger opportunity. As collaboration is a fundamental part of almost every job and process, improving it delivers real productivity gains across the whole enterprise.