Boost Developer Productivity and Operator Confidence with Secure, Open Source Components

Prepackaged open source software from Bitnami, known as the Bitnami Application Catalog, has long been a favorite in the developer community. And it’s easy to see why. These prepackaged application components can be used for free by developers in dev/test environments to build applications quickly on platforms from AWS, Azure, Google, VMware, and Kubernetes.

However, deploying open source software in production environments is its own beast, as all software typically needs some level of security built-in to comply with IT policies.

Meet VMware Tanzu Application Catalog, the enterprise version of Bitnami. This solution provides secure, open source application building blocks that can be custom-built to enable developer productivity all while ensuring operator peace of mind.

Join us for this live webinar to learn more about VMware Application Catalog and how this solution puts the Sec in DevSecOps.

Hope to see you there!