Big Book of Data Engineering: 2nd Edition

Best practices and real-world references

Learn about data engineering on the lakehouse

Stay up to date with the latest technical guidance for data engineers by downloading The Big Book of Data Engineering with all-new content. This eBook will help you address challenges such as implementing a streaming architecture, processing data in real time, simplifying complex ETL pipelines, integrating data governance and orchestrating workflows. You’ll benefit from battle-tested best practices, code samples and guidance as you build your next data pipeline. You’ll also see real-life end-to-end use cases from leading companies such as AT&T, Grammarly and Rivian.

Download now to learn about:

  • Building production-ready streaming pipelines
  • Easily ingesting data into the lakehouse
  • Tracking data lineage Unity Catalog
  • Simplifying change data capture with Delta Live Tables 
  • Optimizing performance
  • Reference architectures for production workloads