3 Powerful AI Use Cases Healthcare Organizations Can Unlock With Rackspace Technology and Google Cloud

Most healthcare organizations are investing in artificial intelligence (AI), but many are struggling to achieve a return on investment (ROI). That may be because they’re focusing on the wrong use cases.

Over the last two decades, AI has evolved from a science fiction concept into something that’s playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Whether being served algorithmic recommendations or navigating a traffic jam with Google Maps, AI has already changed the way we live.

To unlock additional efficiencies, increase productivity, and deliver more value to customers, organizations are increasingly investing in AI technology. Unfortunately, many of these enterprises, such as those in healthcare, are struggling to achieve tangible success — which includes financial ROI, improved patient outcomes, streamlined workflows, and other measurable objectives. In large part, that’s because they’re focusing on the wrong use cases.

This white paper explores the AI landscape, weighs its benefits and challenges, and outlines why Rackspace and Google Cloud are the ideal partners in this space.