10 Questions to Ask When Considering ZTNA

VPN vs. ZTNA: Their differences and your choices

Why VPN Isn’t Good Enough for Hybrid Workforce Security

 Hybrid work is here to stay.

Fiction: VPNs are secure and flexible enough to evolve with every organizational change.

Reality: Traditional, secure remote access solutions like VPNs can’t scale or provide sufficient security for hybrid workforces – who need access to applications on the internet, in the corporate data center or in the public cloud – to do their job.

This is where Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) excels.

ZTNA enables secure access to all the applications, tools and data hybrid employees need, no matter where they work or where the information is located.

The fact is traditional VPN has reached its limit. Work smarter, stay safer and know the 10 questions to ask before choosing a ZTNA vendor. Download “Ten Considerations for Evaluating Zero Trust Network Access Solutions” from ESG Global to learn how to protect your hybrid workforce today and in the future with ZTNA.